Message from Stephanie Summers

Greetings, LAD Members! This is a very long email, full of important reminders about

upcoming LAD Fair deadlines, as well as friendly reminders about the LAD Fair events
being completely virtual this year. Please carefully read all of the information and reach
out with any questions as soon as possible!
● Here is a checklist that you can use to help you navigate this virtual platform.
You can fill it out digitally or print it off.
● All LAD Fair entries must be submitted online by 4:30pm on Friday, March 26th.
○ NO entries should be mailed or delivered to Willard or any other physical
○ ALL entries will be online this year.
○ The entry form will automatically close at 4:30pm, so enter your items as
early as possible.
○ All entries are due by Friday, including art entries for categories 79 and 80.
○ Here is a link to information about Virtual Entries, including the links to use
to enter work.
○ Here is a link to information about how to properly share entries so that
they are viewable by judges.
○ Please remember to cover, mask, delete, or cover student and teacher
name on the work as much as possible.
■ This is covered in Rule 3 in the LAD Rules.
■ DO NOT use student or teacher name in the title of an entry, unless
it is the title, such as in a bio-poem or autobiography.
● Please check links for entries and scholarships IMMEDIATELY if you are
planning on entering.
○ If an entry form link does not work for you, email Casey Daugherty.
○ If a scholarship form link does not work for you, reply to this email.
○ Casey Daugherty is available to help with technical issues on the entry
form and after items are entered.
■ You can reach out to Casey until 4:30pm on Wednesday, March
24th if you cannot access the entry form.
■ Email her at for help.
○ If the link does not work for you, help will not be available on Thursday or
Friday, which may mean that you will not be able to enter any work this
year. (So please go in and check the links today, even if you aren’t going
to enter anything today!)
● If you make a mistake when entering:
○ Use the confirmation email that you receive to go in and make changes on
your own.
○ If you need to delete entries, did not get a confirmation email, or have
another mistake that you are not sure how to fix, please email Casey
Daugherty immediately to let her know which entries should be deleted or
○ You can email Casey about help with entries through Friday at 4:30pm.
● Judging will begin on Saturday, March 27th and will be fully virtual.
○ There will not be any Judging done at a physical site this year.
○ Judges who have already signed up have received a confirmation email.
○ There is not a capability to show up and volunteer to judge, as there is
when we are in-person.
○ If you think you signed up to help with judging but have not received an
email yet, please check your email, including your spam, junk, and
promotions folders to see if you missed the email.
● Winner’s Lists will be posted as soon as Judging is completed.
○ Judging may take longer in a virtual format.
○ We hope to have lists ready to share by the middle of next week, at the
○ Lists will be posted on our Facebook page, in our Facebook Community
Group, on our website, and sent out through email.
● Information about a Virtual Fair and celebrating our winners will be sent out and
posted in April.
That is a lot of information! Be sure to email or post on Facebook any questions that

you have or clarifications that you might need!

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